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See life Paulagics -pelagics trips off the mid atlantic states of the US, primarily New jersey and Deleware
Seabirding Pelagic Trips - Brian Patteson’s website. The king of east coast seabirding. Based on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.Uses his own boat The Stormy Petrel II. Many trips throughout the year with excellent guides and a proven track record of success at finding rarities.


 Shearwater Journey’s - Debra Shearwater’s longstanding tour company offering a variety of pelagic trips from mid California locations including Monterey, Fort Bragg, Half-Moon Bay and Bodega Bay. Recently has been offering longer expeditions to the high arctic and Antarctica. Debra is definitively the Queen of North American Seabirding and has been providing professionally led pelagic trips since 1976. Rarities seen on Shearwater trips are legion but include Shy Albatross, Great-winged and Bulwer’s Petrel to name just a few.

Monterey Seabirds - A more recently developed tour provider based in Monterey, California. Despite being a bit newer on the scene they have very experienced leaders and a most impressive record of rarities including a Great-winged Petrel in 2010.

 SoCal Birding - Masterminded by Terry Hunefeld with Todd Mcgrath as the senior seabird expert -SoCal Birding has put Southern California back on the pelagic birding map. Offering multiple pelagic trips off Southern California this is definitely your best bet for Red-billed Tropicbird and Least Storm-petrel in North American waters. An impressive list of rarities including Bulwer’s Petrel, Red-tailed Tropicbird, Tristram’s & Ringed Storm-petrel and many more.
 Westport Seabirds Longstanding tour company offering pelagic trips of Wesport, Washington since the 1970s. A very reliable location for Fork-tailed Storm-petrel and a variety of other west coast seabirds. rarities over the years have include Shy Albatross, Short-tailed Albatross and Hawaiian Petrel.

The Bird Guide Pelagic Trips(Oregon)
Tour company run by Greg Gillson with trips leaving out of Newport, Oregon primarily to Perpetua Bank. This is an albatross hotspot with multiple Short-tailed Albatross records, two Shy Albatross records and in 2008 a miraculous Wandering Albatross. Black-footed and Laysan Albatrosses are regulars.

Zugunruhe Birding Tours - John Puschock leads many tours in Alaska and specializes in the Aleutians by boat as well as being the first to offer fall tours to Barrow for Ross’s Gulls.

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