Seabird Checklist

Taxonomic List of World Seabirds

Checklist of Seabirds of the World

I have been very liberal with the taxonomies and have included several potential and several newly described species. Of course some of these may be viewed as species in evolution by some. I have erred on the liberal side as this will prove to make things even a little more challenging and interesting. I am certainly far from qualified to express a informed opinion on the very complex taxonomic issues currently under debate in the world of ornithology. Taxonomy in Albatross and Storm-Petrels are currently especially controversial and in flux.


Date/ Location


Family - Penguins

1. King Penguin - Aptenodytes patagonicus

Macquarie Island, Australia-Nov/11

wild looking chicks

2. Emperor Penguin - A. forsteri

Ross Sea, Feb/17

3. Adelie Penguin - Pygoscelis adeliae

Brown Bluff, Antarctica-April/12

4. Gentoo Penguin - P. papua

MacQuarie Island, Australia-Nov/11

5. Chinstrap Penguin - P. antarctica

off the Antarctic Penn-April/12

6. Yellow-eyed Penguin - Megadyptes antipodes

Enderby Island, NZ-Nov/11

7. Little Penguin - Eudyptula minor

Bland Bay, NZ - Dec./10

My first penguin- "White-flippered" seen off Banks Pen, Oct/11

8. Fjordland Penguin - Eudyptes pachyrhynchus

Monroe Beach, Westland, NZ- Oct/11

9. Erect-crested penguin - E. sclateri

Antipodes Islands, NZ-Nov/11

10. Snares Penguin - E. robustus

Snares Islands, NZ-Nov/11

11. Rockhopper Penguin - E. chyrsocome

MacQuarie Island, Australia-Nov/11

12. Macaroni Penguin - E. chrysolophus

South Georgia-April/12

13. Royal Penguin - E. schlegeli

MacQuarie Island, Australia-Nov/11

14. African Penguin - Spheniscus demersus

15. Humboldt Penguin - S. humboldti

Cachagua Island, Chile- Nov/14

16. Magellanic Penguin - S. magellanicus

Beagle Channel-March/12

17.Galapagos Penguin - S. mendiculus

Isabella Island,Galapagos, June/11

18. Snowy Albatross - Diomedea exulans

Drake Passage-March/12

19. Antipodean Albatross - D. antipodensis

Kaikoura, NZ-Jan.1/11

considered cospecific with D.(a).gibsoni by most

20. Gibson's Albatross - D. gibsoni

Kaikoura, Jan1/11

often considered cospecific with above sp.

21. Amsterdam Albatross - D. amsterdamensis

off Amsterdam Island-Nov16/12

completes all the world's albatrosses!!

22. Tristan Albatross - D. dabbenea

Falkland Current off Argentina- April/12

23. Northern Royal Albatross - D. sanfordi

Kaikoura, NZ- Jan.1/11

24. Southern Royal Albatross - D. epomorpha

Kaikoura, NZ-Jan1/11

25. Waved Albatross - Phoebastria irrorata

Espanola Island, Galapagos,June/11

Galapogos near endemic

26. Short-tailed Albatross - P. albatrus

Amchitka Pass, Aleutians, Alaska, May/10

20 individuals of all age groups seen on tour of Aleutians with Zbirds

27. Black-footed Albatross - P. nigripes

Off Newport, Oregon - July/06

My first Albatross

28. Laysan Albatross - P. immutablis

Cordell Bank, California - Oct/07

Seen in the 1000s in the Aleutians, May/10

29. Black-browed Albatross - Thalassarche melanophris

Kaikoura, NZ - Jan1/11

30. Campbell Albatross - T. impavida

Southern Ocean south of Auckland Islands, NZ-Nov/11

31. Shy Albatross - T. cauta

Kaikoura,NZ- Jan1/11

my first Mollyhawk-nominate subsp breeds Tasmania, T.c.steadii in NZ

32. Chatham Albatross - T. eremita

Between Bounties & Chatham Islands-Nov/11

33. Salvin's Albatross - T. salvini

Kaikoura, NZ - Jan1/11

34. Grey-headed Albatross - T. chrysostoma

South of Aukland Islands, NZ-Nov/11

35. Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross - T. chlororhynchos

Falkland Current, off Argentina-April/12

36. Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross - T. carteri

South Indian Ocean, Nov/12

37. Southern Buller's Albatross - T. bulleri

Foveaux Strait, NZ - Oct/11

38. Northern Buller's (Pacific) Albatross-

Chatham Islands, NZ-Nov/11

still formally undescribed, recent molecular studies suggest full sp.

39. Sooty Albatross - Phoebitria fusca

North of South Georgia- April/12

40. Light-mantled Albatross- P. plapebrata

Enderby Island,NZ- Nov/11

Family Storm-Petrels

41. Wilson's Storm-Petrel - Oceanities oceanicus

off Cape Hatteras - Aug/1975

42. Elliot's Storm-Petrel - O. gracilis

off Baltra, Galapagos-June/11

43. New Zealand Storm-Petrel - Pealeornis maorianna

Off North Cape, NZ-March/13

Back after presumed extiction in 1850

44. Grey-backed Storm-Petrel - Garrodia nereis

South of Snares, NZ-Nov./11

45. White-faced Storm-Petrel - Pelagodroma marina

Hydrographer's Canyon, Mass., USA - Aug/10

a NA record shattering 22 WFSP with Brookline Bird Club's extreme pelagic

46.Black-bellied Storm-Petrel - Fregetta tropica

south of Snares, NZ Nov./11

47. White-bellied Storm-Petrel - Fregetta grallaria

Falkland Current, off Argentina-April/12

48. Polynesian Storm-Petrel - Neofregetta fuliginosa

N of New Caledonia-April/13

49. European Storm-Petrel - Hydrobates pelagicus


50. Mediterranean Storm-Petrel - H. melittensis

51. Least Storm Petrel - Oceanodroma microsoma

off San Diego, Sept/08

my first tour on the Searcher

52. Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel - O. tethys

off Baltra, Galapagos-June/11

1000s seen at breeding colony-Genovesa

53. Grant's Storm-Petrel - Oceanodroma sp.

off Cape Hatteras, NC- June/06

Not as yet described officially-but presumably the relatively common "Band-tailed" in heavy molt off NC in spring

54. Monteiro's Storm-Petrel- O. monteiroi

Azores Mar-Sept breeding "Band-rumped"

55.Madeiran Storm-Petrel - O. castro

Madiera, May/11

Madieran Archipelago warm season breeding sp.

56. Cape Verde Storm-Petrel - O. jabejabe

Cape Verde breeding species

I have left room here for future developments in the "Band-rumped" complex

57. Leach's Storm-Petrel - O. leuchorhoa

off Cape Hatteras, NC - June/06

in the the central Pacific multiple species have been split out from Leach's SP by Howell et al and are include below

58. Townsend's Storm-Petrel - O. soccoroensis

Sixty Mile Bank, off San Diego, CA-Sept/08

Mexican breeding sp.described by Howell et al NA Birds Vol 63,#4 2010

59. Ainley's Storm-Petrel - O. cheimomnestes

off Guadalupe Island, Mexico, Dec/15

Mexican breeding sp.described by Howell et al NA Birds Vol 63,#4 2010

60. Swinhoe's Storm-Petrel - O. monrhis

61. Tristram's Storm-Petrel - O. tristrami

Izu Islands, Japan, May/15

62. Markham's Storm-Petrel - O. markhami

63. Matsudaira's Storm-Petrel - O. matsudairae

Ogasawara Islands, Japan, May/15

64. Black Storm-Petrel - O.melania

Monterey Bay,California- Sept.07

65. Ashy Storm-Petrel - O.homochroa

Monterey Bay,California- Sept/07

California breeding near endemic

66. Hornby's Storm-Petrel - O. hornbyi

67. Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel - O. furcata

Little Tanaga Strait, Aleutian Islands,Alaska- May/09

68. Pincoya Storm-Petrel- Oceanites pincoya

description"in press' -Harrison et al

There have been reports of at least 2 possible "new" storm-petrels over the last few years. One around Port Montt, Chile and another seen during the Western Pacific Odyssey

Family- Diving Petrels

69. Peruvian Diving-Petrel - Pelecanoides garnotii

off Quintero, Chile- Nov/14

70. Magellanic Diving-Petrel - P. magellani

71. South Georgia Diving-Petrel - P. georgicus

off South Georgia, April/12

72. Common Diving-Petrel - P.urinatrix

Foveaux Strait-NZ, Oct/11

Family - Shearwaters, Prions & Petrels

Subfamily- Fulmarine Petrels

73. Southern Giant Petrel - Macronectes giganteus

MacQuarie Island, Australia-Nov./11

74. Northern Giant Petrel - M. halli

Kaikoura, Jan1/11

75. Northern Fulmar - Fulmarus glacialis

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland-Aug/89

76. Southern Fulmar - F. glacialoides

North of MacQuarie Island, Australia, Nov./11

77. Antarctic Petrel - Thallassoica antarctica

off the Balleny Islands, Feb/17

78. Cape Petrel - Daption capense

Kaikoura, Jan 1/11

79. Lesser Snow Petrel - Pagodroma nivea

Deception Island, Antarctica_April/12

The Angel of Antarctica

80. Greater Snow Petrel - Pagodroma confusa

off Balleny Islands, Feb/17

81. Kerguelen Petrel - Lugensa brevirostris

between Auckland and MacQuarie Island, Australia-Nov./11

82. Blue Petrel - Halobaena caerulea

between Auckland and MacQuarie Island, Australia-Nov./11

Subfamily - Prions

83. Broad-billed Prion - Pachyptila vittata

South of Snares, NZ-Nov./11

84. Salvin's Prion - P. salvini

South of Amsterdam Island -Nov17/12

completes all the world's Prions

85. MacGillivary's Prion - P. macgillivaryi

off St. Paul/ Nov16/12

86. Antarctic Prion - P. desolata

South of Auckland Island,NZ-Nov./11

87. Slender-billed Prion - P. belcheri

Falkland Current-off falklands-April/12

88. Fairy Prion - P. turtur

Foveaux Strait, NZ

89. Fulmar Prion - P. crassirostris

between Snares and Auckland Island, NZ -Nov./11

Subfamily - Gadfly Petrels

90. Bulwer's Petrel - Bulweria bulwerii

Madiera, May/11

91. Jouanin's Petrel - B. fallax

92. Mascarene Petrel - Pseudobulweria aterrima

off Reunion Island, Dec/14

miracle of miracles

93. Beck's Petrel - P. becki

off New Ireland-April/13

#2 on the Top Ten list

94. Tahiti Petrel - P.rostrata

off New Caledonia- March/13

95. Fiji Petrel - P. macgillivrayi

south of Gau-April/14

96. Chatham Islands Petrel - Pteredroma axillaris

off Hawke's Bay, NZ -Jan/16


97. Black-winged Petrel - P. nigripennis

off north Cape,NZ-March/13

98. Mottled Petrel - P. inexpectata

Aleutian Islands, May/10

99. Bonin Petrel - P. hypoleuca

Ogasawara Islands, Japan, May/15

100. Gould's Petrel - P. leucoptera

400km sw of Australia, S Indian Ocean, Nov/12

51 individuals,1st records SI Ocean

101. Cook's Petrel - P. cooki

San Juan Seamount - July/10

part of the invasion into North American waters 2009/10

102. Pycroft's Petrel - P. pycrofti

Mercury Islands, NZ-March/13

103. Collared Petrel - P. brevipes

North of New Caledonia, April/13

104. De Filippi's Petrel - P. defilippiana

Humboldt Current, Chile-Nov/14

105. Stejneger's Petrel - P. longirostris

off Juan Fernandez Islands, Chile- Nov/14

106. Phoenix Petrel - P. alba

off Oeno, Pitcairn Island Group, Sept/13

107. Herald Petrel - P. heraldica

Off New Caledonia-March/13

108. Trindade Petrel - P. arminjoniana

off Cape Hatteras - May/08

109. Henderson Petrel - P. atrata

off Pitcairn Island, Sept/13

110. Kermadec Petrel - P. neglecta

off North Cape, NZ-March/13

111. Galapogos Petrel - P. phaeopygia

off Genovesa, Galapagos-June/11

near 100 individuals seen during trip

112. Hawaiian Petrel - P. sandwichensis

Haleakala Crate, Maui, Hawaii

113. Juan Fernandez - P. externa

off Juan Fernandez Islands -Nov/14

114. Barau's Petrel - P. baraui

South Indian Ocean enroute to Amsterdam Is.,Nov/12

115. Murphy's Petrel - P. ultima

off Gambier Islands, Sept/13

116. Providence Petrel - P. solandri

off New Caledonia-March/13

117. Great-winged Petrel - P macroptera

Falkland Current, off Argentina-April/12

118. Grey -faced Petrel - P. gouldi

between Campbell Island and Bounties-Nov./11

119. Magenta Petrel "Taiko" - P. magentae

south of Chatham Island- Nov./11

thrill of a lifetime

120. White-headed Petrel - P. lessonii

Auckland Island, NZ-Nov./11

121. Atlantic Petrel - P. incerta

Falkland Current, off Argentina-April/12

122. Black-capped Petrel - P. hasitata

off Cape Hatteras -June/07

my first Pteredroma

123. Bermuda Petrel "Cahow" - P. cahow

off Nonsuch Island/Nov13

seabird of the decade for me

124. Soft-plumaged Petrel - P. mollis

MacQuarie Island, Australia- Nov./11

dark morph photo south-east of Chatham Islands

125. Fea's Petrel - P. feae

off Cape Hatteras - May/08 (tentative)

Cape Verde breeding taxon - felt to be like the taxon seen of N.C./USA

126. Desertas Petrel - P. deserta

off Bugio, Desertas Islands, Madeiran Archipelago- May/11

Bugio, Desertas Island breeding taxon.

127. Zino's Petrel - P. madeira

off Madiera, May/11

endemic to Madeira, critically endangered 60-85 pairs

More developments likely to occur in the Pteredroma group

Subfamily - Procellaria Petrels

128. White-chinned Petrel - Procellaria aequinoctialis

Kaikoura, Jan 1/11

my first Procellaria

129. Spectacled Petrel - P. conspicillata

Falkland Current, off Argentina-April/12

130. Westland Petrel - P. westlandica

Kaikoura, Jan 1/11

131. Parkinson's Petrel - P. parkinsoni

off North Cape, NZ-March/13

132. Grey Petrel - P. cinera

south of Canmpbell Island, NZ- Nov./11

Subfamily- Shearwaters

133. Streaked Shearwater - Calonectris leucomelas

off New Ireland, April/13

134. Scopoli's Shearwater - C. (d.) diomeda

often considered cospesific with Cory's but split by Mullarney & Robb

135. Cory's Shearwater - C. (d.) borealis

off Cape Hatteras, NC,USA-Aug/75

this and above sp. considered cospecific by many

136. Cape Verde Shearwater - C. edwardsii

137.Wedge-tailed Shearwater - Ardenna pacifica

off East Cape, Baja Sur, Mexico Aug/12

138. Buller's Shearwater - A. bulleri

Monterey Bay, CA- Sept/07

My 600th ABA bird

139. Sooty Shearwater - A. grisea

Bay of Fundy/Nova Scotia, Canada - July/77

140. Short-tailed Shearwater - A. tenuirostris

Little Tanaga Strait -Aleutian Islands, Alaska, USA - May/09

141. Greater Shearwater - A. gravis

off Cape Hatteras - Aug/75

142. Pink-footed Shearwater - A. creatopus

Monterey Bay, CA, USA - Sept/08

143. Flesh-footed Shearwater - A. carneipes

Monterey Bay, Oct/08

144. Manx Shearwater - Puffinus puffinus

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia, Canada- July/77

145. Yelkouan Shearwater- P. yelkouan

146. Balearic Shearwater - P.mauretanicus

147. Black-vented Shearwater - P. ophistomelas

off San Diego-March/07

148. Fluttering Shearwater - P. gavia

off Karikari Penn. NZ- Dec/10

149. Hutton's Shearwater - P. huttoni

Kaikoura, NZ - Jan/11

150. Subanarctic Shearwater - P. elegans

south of Campbell Island, NZ -Nov./11

151. Little Shearwater - P. assimilis

off Freemantle, Western Australia Nov/12

152. Macronesian Shearwater - P. baroli

off Bugio, Desertas Islands, Madeiran Archiplelago-May/11

recent very concerning and dramatic decline in numbers

153. Boyd's Shearwater - P. boydi

considered cospecific with Audubon's/Macronesian by some-recognized by IOC

154 Audubon's Shearwater - P lhermienieri

off Cape Hatteras - Aug/75

155. Bannerman's Shearwater - P. bannermani

Iwo Islands,Japan, May/15

156. Arabian Shearwater - P. persicus

157. Tropical Shearwater - P. bailloni

North of New Caledonia- April/13

158. Galapagos Shearwater - P. subalaris

off Baltra,Galapagos-June/11

dark under-winged morph potential cryptic sp.

159. Townsends Shearwater - P. auricularis

off East Cape, Baja Sur, Mexico- Aug/12

160. Newell's Shearwater - P. newelli

off Maui, Hawaii- April/2016

161. Heinroth's Shearwater - P. heinrothi

off Bouganville-April/13

Family - Frigatebirds

162. Ascension Frigatebird - Fregata aquila

163. Christmas Frigatebird - F. andrewsi

Christmas Island, Nov/12

164. Magnificent Frigatebird - F. magnificens

Manzanillo, Mexico - Feb/78

165. Great Frigatebird - F. minor

Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, June/11

166. Lesser Frigatebird - F. ariel

off New Caledonia- March/13

Family - Tropicbirds

167. Red-billed Tropicbird - Phaeton aethereus

Searcher Tour off San Diego - Sept./10

168. Red-tailed Tropicbird - P. rubricauda

Christmas Island, Nov/12

completes all the world's Tropicbirds

169. White-tailed Tropicbird - P. lepturus

off Cape Hatteras- June/07

my first Tropicbird

Family- Gannets & Boobies

170. Northern Gannet - Morus bassanus

Perce, Nova Scotia, Aug/78

171. Cape Gannet - M. capensis

172. Australasian Gannet - M. serrator

Muriwai Beach - New Zealand, Dec/10

173. Peruvian Booby - Sula variegata

off Valparaiso,Chile-Nov/14

174. Blue-footed Booby - S. nebouxii

Salton Sea, CA, USA - Aug/09

caught in remnants of Hurricane Jimena way out on mudflats for tense near death experience -anything for a lifer!

175. Masked Booby - S. dactylatra

Ponce de Leon Inlet, FL, USA - Sept./06

176. Nazca Booby - S. granti

Daphne Major, Galapagos, June/11

177. Red-footed Booby - S. sula

Dry Tortugas, FL, USA - May/08

178. Brown Booby - S. leucogaster

Santa Rosa NP, Costa Rica - Feb./94

179. Abbot's Booby - Papasula abbotti

Christmas Island, Nov/12

Family - Skua and Jaegers

180. Brown Skua - Stercorarius lonnbergi

Foveaux Strait, Oct./11

181. South Polar Skua - S. maccormicki

Carter Lake, Georgia, USA - June/07

my first Skua seen high in the Appalachian Mts.-wierd!

182. Antarctic Skua - S. antarcticus

Antartcic Peninsula -Apri/12

183. Chilean Skua - S. chilensis

Ushuaia, Argentina-Mar/12

184. Great Skua - S. skua

off Cape Hatteras - Feb/09

185. Pomarine Jaeger - S. pomarinus

off Cape Hatteras - June/06

186. Parasitic Jaeger - S. parasiticus

Hamilton, ON, Canada - Oct/88

187. Long-tailed Jaeger - S. longicaudus

Wood Islands Ferry, PEI, Canada- Aug/78

first jaeger ever-full tail streamer adult flew just over ferry-wow

Family - Alcids

188. Razorbill - Alca torda

Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON, Canada - December/06

my 3rd sp. of Alcid on the Great Lakes in 2006

189. Common Murre - Uria aalge

Cannon Beach, OPregon, USA - June/06

190. Thick-billed Murre - U. lomvia

Quidi Vidi Lake, Newfoundland, Canada - Jan./07

191. Dovekie - Alle alle

Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada- Jan./07

192. Black Guillemot - Cepphus grylle

Perce, Nova Scotia, Canada - July/78

193. Pigeon Guillemot - C. culumba

Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA - June/06

194. Spectacled Guillemot - C. carbo

195. Marbled Murrelet - Brachyramphus marmoratus

off Newport, Oregon, USA - July/06

196. Long-billed Murrelet - B. perdix

197. Kittlitz's Murrelet - B. brevirostris

Adak, AK, USA - May/09

198. Xantus' Murrelet - Synthliboramphus hypoleucus

off San Diego - Sept/09

ssp. hypoleucus & scrippsi quite likely seperate sp.

199. Craveri's Murrelet - S. craveri

200. Ancient Murrelet - S. antiquum

Malheur NWR, Oregon, USA - June/06

life bird found in small lake in desert area of Oregon, second on river mouth off Lake Superior

201- Japanese Murrelet - S. wumizusum

Izu Islands, Japan, May/15

202. Cassin's Auklet - Ptychoramphus aeluticus

off Newport, Oregon,USA - July/06

203. Parakeet Auklet - Cyclorhynchus psittacula

Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, AK, USA - May/09

204. Crested Auklet - Aethia cristatella

Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, AK, USA - May/09

205. Least Auklet - A. pusilla

Gambell, St. Lawrence Island, AK, USA - May/09

206. Whiskered Auklet - A. pygmaea

Little Tanaga Strait, Aleutian Islands, AK, USA - May/09

1000s of this very localized and difficult to access species

207. Rhinoceros Auklet - Cerorhinca monocerata

Boiler Bay, Oregon, USA - June/06

208. Atlantic Puffin - Fratercula arctica

Cape Spear, Newfoundland, Canada - Jan/07

209. Tufted Puffin - F. cirrhata

Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA - June/06

210. Horned Puffin - F. corniculata

Little Tanaga Strait, Aleutian Islands, AK, USA - May/09


211. Darwin's Storm-petrel -Oceanodroma bangsi

Galapogos- off Genovesa, June/11

Galapagos breeding "Band-rumped" recently described by Howell/2012

212. Bryan's Shearwater- Puffinus bryani

described from Hawaii specimen bt Pyle/2011 probably breeds on Bonin Islands-specimen from 2011

213. Christmas Shearwater - Puffinus nativitatis

Tenoko Island, Gambier Islands, Sept/13

Accidentally omitted above

214. New Caledonia Storm-petrel

off New Caledonia-March/13

recently discovered, awaiting confirmation

215. Tasman Booby-Sula sp.

Norfolk Island-March/13

Masked like but likely seperate taxa from Lord Howe,Norfolk & Kermadecs

216. Magnificent Petrel- Pterodroma (brevipes) magnificens

North of New Caledonia-April/13

Newly described from Banks Islands, astounding!

217. White-necked Petrel-Pterodroma cervicalis

off North Cape, NZ-March/13

accidentally omitted above

218. Vanuatu Petrel- Pterodroma occulta

off Vanua Lava, Vanuatu April/14

Rare sp. from Banks Island, omitted above

219. Titan Storm-petrel - F. grallaria titan

between Gambier Is & Pitcairn Island, Sept/13

currently subsp. White-bellied S-p but very distinct

220. Rapa Shearwater - Puffinus myrtae

originally described by Bourne as susp P.assimilis


March 1/12 - As of this date I have seen 74 of the 211(35.1%) seabirds comprising my list. Whiskered Auklet ,Short-tailed Albatross and Trindade Petrels would likely considered by most to be the “rarest and hardest to find” species on a worldwide basis that I have so far seen. I have yet to “complete” an entire family but have seen the majority of alcids, tropicbirds, skua and boobies. I have yet to see a Prion or Diving Petrel. Clearly the Gadfly Petrels which I have seen but a few represents the most prodigious challenge.

Aug. 6/11- 88/211 (41.7%)

Dec 31/11 122/211 (57.8%)

Jan20/11- Revision based on addition of two new species Darwin’s Storm Petrel- the band-rumped complex sp. from the Galapagos as well as the recently described Bryan’s Shearwater which is probably extant in the Bonin Islands. 123/212 (58%)

May1/12 139/214 (64.9%) post Atlantic Odyssey

Sept 1/12 141/214 (65.9%) post Baja Long Weekend

Dec 31/12 151/215 (70.2%) post South Indian Ocean

April18/13 170/215 (79.1%) post Western Pacific expeditions

Oct1/13 176/219 (80.4%) post Pitcairn/French Polynesia

May 1/14 178/219 (81.2%) post Fiji/Vanuatu

Jan. 1/15 185/219 (84.4%) post Juan Fernandez Islands and Reunion Island

Jan. 1/16 191/220 (86.8%) post Japan and Guadalupe Island, addition of Rapa Shearwater to list,

April 30/16 193/220 (87.7%) post Hawaii

Feb30/17 196/220 (89.1%) post Ross Sea