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Seabird photos from around the world!!!!

Due to technichal issues I have moved the Seabird Galleries to a separate site. I will repost them all in time.
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Great Albatrosses
North Pacific Albatrosses
Fulmarine Petrels

Seabird Photography

Photographing birds in general is a notoriously difficult task. Add in a rocking,heaving boat, salt spray and fast moving agile targets and you have a most challenging undertaking. Certainly digital photography has revolutionized bird photography in general and has been especially critical in seabird photography. If you look back on some of the predigital "Seabird Photo" books you will see the amazing strides that have been made in the last 10 years.

I personally have been using a consistent set-up for the last half a dozen years. This includes the flagship Nikon “sports-journalism” camera currently the D4 to with a Nikon f2.8, 300mm VR lens with a 1.4 Nikon teleconverter. This is a very fast set-up with a unique ability to achieve very high shutter speeds even in relatively low light conditions. It also can rattle off 9 frames per second which is extremely important for the lightening fast pterodroma fly-by.

I am hoping these galleries will serve as a resource for seabiders. I plan to provide as many pictures demonstrating diagnostic details and individual variation in as many seabird species as possible.


Photographing Galapagos Petrels on the Nemo 2 off Floreana - photo courtesy of Jesse Fagan